Asbestos Sampling Kits

The Importance of Asbestos Sampling Kits

Asbestos is a dangerous substance, and since it was banned in the construction industry in 1999 in the UK it has become a legal requirement for any of the materials found, to be investigated and safely removed if necessary. If you have found asbestos at a property that you live or work in, or where you are responsible for the refurbishment or renovation of a property, it is important to contact specialist asbestos surveyors. Choosing quality asbestos surveyors will ensure that the building in question is thoroughly investigated for signs of asbestos, or asbestos materials, and if deemed a danger, removed carefully and securely.

Anyone exposed to asbestos or asbestos fibres could face significant health problems in the future. The problem with asbestos exposure is that it can sometimes take many years, or even decades, to manifest symptoms in an individual who has been exposed. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses are terminal and can impact on the lives of not only those exposed but their families too.

An asbestos sampling and testing kit provides you with a chance to test your home, or place of work, and see if asbestos is present in any areas that you could be exposed to it. They provide clear instructions, plastic gloves and sample bags, with detailed order forms allowing you to send off the forms and receive extensive detail and confirmation on whether asbestos is present. If you are working within multiple locations, or you are worried about asbestos being present in different areas of the same location, you can provide samples in different testing kits and bags to ensure you have accurate information for each section of the property you are investigating.

If an asbestos sampling kit provides you with confirmation that there is asbestos present in the building, it is time to be proactive. It is too dangerous to those living in a home with asbestos, or working in a building with asbestos, to risk exposure to asbestos fibres. Once disturbed, asbestos only has to be breathed in once and it could be life threatening, with symptoms showing years into the future.

Asbestos sampling kits are a great starting point for investigation as to whether asbestos is present, but always be aware that to remove asbestos and asbestos materials safely it is vital that you contact a specialist contractor with the relevant license to remove asbestos safely. Never undertake this work on your own.

If you are worried about asbestos being present at your property, or within a public building that you are responsible for. Or you are currently undertaking a refurbishment project on a structure or plot of land, it is best to be as safe as possible when it comes to the potential presence of asbestos. A qualified asbestos surveyor will be able to undertaken a thorough survey of the area to ensure all asbestos is accounted for, and removed if required under licensed conditions. Asbestos sampling kits are a great start, used safely to test if there is any asbestos present, before calling in the licenced removal teams and surveyors.