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Five Signs It’s Time to Sell your House

You are probably thinking of selling your house but still not sure. But, as long as the market is great for sellers, there will be limited inventory that will drive house prices up. But, your decision to sell your property is not based only on market conditions. Consider your personal situation and you can easily spot the signs it’s time to let go of your house. These signs include:

You Have Enough Equity in your House

With enough equity, your home sale will be profitable for you. Equity refers to the difference between your mortgage balance and the worth of your house. Having more equity means you still have money left for you minus the payment you will have to make to your lender once your house is sold.

You Have Saved Enough

Selling your home is not usually on an as-is basis. You will want to make some improvements to make your property more appealing.  To make it look its best, think about hiring a stager to rearrange furniture and make the house look more spacious than it is. Also, you will have to apply for a new mortgage to buy a new house. Having enough savings ensures that you have money to cover all the costs involved. Although you may count the profits from your home sale to take care of your moving expenses, you will pay for some bills before you get the check from your buyer.

You have a Good Credit Status

After selling your house, you need to have a solid credit history to qualify for a mortgage to buy your next house. Having a good credit score will lower your interest rate and monthly mortgage payments. Before listing your house, review your credit status and check for errors in your credit report. If errors are present, have them corrected right away. Allow yourself some time to improve your credit rating before you decide to take out a new mortgage. See this helpful information here.

You have a Growing Family

If your house no longer has enough space for all members of your family, it might be best to get rid of it and buy a newer, bigger one. There is no point holding into a home that does not suit your needs anymore.

You Think you can Break the Emotional Ties

When you sell your house, you might be told by your agent to remove some personal items. This is because buyers will want to imagine themselves living in your house and you can help them with this by depersonalizing your house. Your stager is likely to suggest putting your favorite sofa in storage. If you think you can handle the negative criticism buyers can have of your house and your choice of style, this could indicate it’s time to let go if your house.  If not, you might have to wait before you sell it. After living in your house for some time, you should have emotional attachments to it which could make letting go difficult.