Building Surveys

All you Need to Know About Building Surveys

If you are planning to extend or refurbish your property, you will need to commission a building survey, which will help you design the improvements and ensure accuracy. Here is a detailed description of the work carried out with a building survey.

  • Defects – If there are many major defects in the structure, these would be listed in the building survey, and with affordable survey companies in Dorking, you won’t have far to go to find the best local surveyor.

  • Evidence of Damp – The building surveyor would be looking for any signs of damp, which would be included in the written report.

  • The Presence of Hazardous Materials – There is always a risk of discovering asbestos when renovating, and the building surveyor would carry out tests, specifically looking for the presence of asbestos.

  • Structural Integrity – The structure would be carefully inspected, looking for signs of ground subsidence or damaged supports, and should they find anything, you would, of course, be notified.

  • Laser Accurate Measurements – Every room and the perimeters would be accurately measured using 3D laser technology, which is necessary when planning to build an extension. This ensures that your planned extension conforms to local authority standards, and that you are not encroaching on someone else’s property.

  • Right of Light – When adding to your property, you must make sure that the additional structure does not block out the light of any neighbouring properties, and the surveyor can easily determine if this would be the case.

If you would like to source a local surveying company, search online and you can make contact via their website.