Mature Tree Removal

A Guide to Mature Tree Removal

If you have a large tree on your property that you think might need to be removed, it is important to ask a qualified tree surgeon to carry out a full inspection. A mature tree could weigh as much as 50 tonnes, and if it is in danger of coming down, this is not something you can put off to a more convenient time. It might be partially damage due to a storm, or simply that is has reached the end of its life, and once you have noticed the tree might require some attention, you should call out a qualified tree surgeon as soon as possible.

  • Safety is a Priority – When working with mature trees, safety is always a priority, and should the tree expert decide the tree needs to be removed, the best way of doing that would be agreed upon. Large trees are usually taken down section by section, starting with the very top sections, with the brush and foliage removed first.
  • Zoning Off the Area – This is essential to property life and property, and the tree surgeon would have a full team of professionals to ensure that the tree is removed safely. Once the tree is safely down, you can rely on tree stump removal in Fareham to remove the last remnants of the tree, allowing the ground to be used again.
  • Use of Crane – Normally, the tree surgeon would use a crane to lower each small section that is cut away, carefully lowering the sections onto a flat-bed truck.

This might take a while, but in a residential zone, it is the only way to safely remove a mature tree, with the arborist taking care to remove the right sections until the tree is completely removed, leaving only the stump, which is then removed using a stump grinder.